Daniela Bota, MD, PhD

Daniela Bota, MD, PhD is the Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Research and Chief Scientific Officer for the UCI Center for Clinical Research. She also serves as the Clinical Director for the Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center.

Dr. Bota leads the Center for Clinical Research (CCR), UCI’s leading-edge clinical research program dedicated to innovating, accelerating, growing and inspiring new ways to address and treat disease. CCR functions as a full-service clinical research unit, connecting the academic and industry partners with UCI physicians and scientists, and enabling the development of novel treatments for our local, regional, national and international patients.

Dr. Bota’s academic research and clinical practice focuses on the innovative treatments for brain malignancies. She currently serves as a principal investigator for numerous studies including novel glioblastoma stem-cell targeted chemotherapy agents, cellular immunotherapy studies, and wearable devices. She consults for multiple companies involved in developing drugs, cellular therapies and devices for human use.