Catalysts for Collaboration in Artificial Intelligence

Mar 26 2019

XPRIZE has joined forces with global tech and science strategy group, Inspired Minds for a second year.

A core tenet of XPRIZE competitions is to democratize problem solving. We advocate for anyone to join our competitions, from established organizations to garage tinkerers. Problem solvers come from all walks of life, and we aim to give them the path to come center stage.

We also seek a diversity of perspectives when recruiting judges, mentors, experts and partners to ensure our competitors are receiving the most valuable guidance that will challenge them and propel their work forward. This search for diversity is amplified on the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, where our 30 competitors are creating innovative artificial intelligence solutions from beehive management to mental health diagnosis and everything in between. We work to solidify partnerships and resources that will provide the greatest amount of value to all of our competitors working in vastly different industries.

That’s why Inspired Minds is an ideal partner for us. Their founding ethos to “make AI available to all economics, countries and cultures and to promote AI for the greater good” is accurately reflected in their events. They convene a wide breadth of attendees who are perfectly aligned with what we are continually looking for with event partners. They provide fruitful opportunities for workshops, meetings, and speaking engagements to further the goals of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, and attendees are ready participants in constructive collaboration.

Our participation in Intelligent Health and World Summit AI in 2018 was a catalyst for additional resources for the prize and its competitors. We're now in the last year and a half of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE, and by December 2019 we will have our 10 semifinalists. It is pivotal to ensure our competitors have the exposure to potential data and financial partners that will help them apply their solutions in the most impactful way. Inspired Minds’ 2019 events World Summit AI Americas (April 10-11 in Montreal), Intelligent Health (September 11-12 in Basel, Switzerland), World Summit AI (October 9-10 in, Amsterdam and World AI Week (October 7-11 in Amsterdam) will help us accomplish that.